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Product families

  • hybrid

    All- rounder technology that can both shield and decorate composites in any environment.

    • hybridRED

      Protective coating

      Due to its hybrid polymer chemistry, HybridRED has outstanding fire protection properties, i.e. very low smoke generation, prolonged ignition times and minimized heat release rates. When exposed to fire, HybridRED forms a ceramic shield which is stable - unlike organic foam formed by an intumescent system. 

      The HybridRED family products are available in any RAL color or a translucent version with gloss level and texture options.

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      • EN45545-3
      • BS 476-7
      • IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 5


      HybridGLAZE has excellent adhesion and offers a smooth and hard finish for carbon fibre reinforced composites.


      HybridWHITE was developed aiming at an extreme ice and dirt resistance.

  • pure

    Technology applied as a gelcoat or finishing coating for indoor composite protection and decoration. 

    • pureRED


      PureRED is a fire and thermal protective gelcoat technology for composites.

      It is a pre-accelerated, unsaturated polyester based fire-resistant coating designed for composites and several other substrates. It’s wax-free coating system gives excellent fire protection via intumescent behavior.  

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      Protective coating Gelcoat

      PureGLAZE forms a gloss, high quality surface without pinholes, and this smooth and hard surface is extremely easy to finish. Due to simple finishing work and fast curing PureGLAZE decreases time spent on finishing dramatically compared to other finishing products.


      PureRUBBER is a waterproof and elastic coating fully compatible with unsaturated polyester.



      PureFLOW fillers and primers form a smooth surface without pinholes, and the surface is extremely easy to finish. Due to simple priming work and fast curing pureFLOW decreases time spent on priming dramatically compared to other primers.

  • pheron

    Maintenance technology for epoxy- based composites with a wide application window and excellent abrasion and weathering resistance. 

    • pheronGLAZE

      Protective coating

      Pheron technology is based on polyurea chemistry and the family comprises of finishing coatings (GLAZE) and primer coatings (FLOW). Self leveling versions are available. Pheron is tough, elastic and waterproof. It can be applied in freezing temperatures. The color and gloss finish remain unchanged also in direct sunlight. A transparent Pheron is also available.

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      • Outdoor composites
      • Plastic decking
      • Barriers and handrails


      PheronRUBBER is a very elastic, tough and waterproof coating product based on polyurea. It can be applied at freezing temperatures, and it is well suited for sealing objects requiring weather resistance.



      PheronFLOW is a primer based on polyurea. It is tough, elastic and waterproof. It can be applied in freezing temperatures, which brings benefits to some industrial applications.

  • neoron

    Room temperature cross-linking thermoplastic technology for composites in chemical and sub-sea environments. 

    • neoronGLAZE

      Protective coating

      Neoron is a unique, thermosetting thermoplastic coating that crosslinks at room temperature. It offers the unique combination of superior chemical resistance, adhesion and mechanical properties – especially toughness.

      It provides extreme abrasion, heat and chemical resistance for demanding industrial applications.

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      • Industrial, heavy duty applications
      • Pools, troughs
      • Topcoat for polyurea
      • Indoor and outdoor
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