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Jari Hurttia joining Finnester as the new CEO


Finnester Coatings Oy is strengthening the organization as part of the growth strategy. Ari Hokkanen, the founder of Finnester, has been nominated to CTO of the company. At the same time Jari Hurttia has been nominated to CEO of the company. The change ensures that Ari can focus on customer composite fire protection topics and developing further Finnester’s offering to the market while Jari will concentrate on developing the company operations to meet the needs of the growth.

Finnester’s solutions to improve fire safety of composites is raising a lot of interest within the industry. The work to respond to customer requests has increased significantly since Trevor Fielding (Technical Business Manager) and Suvi Keskinen (Product Life Cycle Manager) joined the company last year strengthening the business and solution development functions. Also, the new fire laboratory, being operative this month, is expanding and expediting Finnester’s capabilities to service the customers. To answer to the high level of interest, the company founder Ari Hokkanen will focus on technology and product offering related responsibilities.

”Under the leadership of Ari Hokkanen Finnester has done ground-breaking work to solve challenging fire protection problems in composites. This enables the use of composites in completely new applicating areas. Now the company moves to the next stage in its development, fast industrialisation of the products. In his new CTO role Ari will concentrate to customer and technology development. Jari Hurttia will bring new competences in the company related to general management and operational control. I am convinced this combination will be the winning one.” says Jouni Heinonen, Chairman of the Board.

Ari Hokkanen, CTO and Founder: “I’m very excited to have Jari as a new CEO. I have had too many roles within the company – which is normal in start-up and start-to-grow phases. Now, with Jari’s help, it is time to transfer us from entrepreneur driven to organisational driven company. And to be honest, my heart is in technology and my passion is to solve customer’s composite related challenges.”



Jari Hurttia as the new CEO will assume the general management responsibilities and specifically focus on developing the company during its growth. Jari has long experience from building new and managing change at various managerial responsibilities within technology industry. 


Jari Hurttia, CEO: “Finnester has an interesting offering to its markets and I am pleased to join the team to develop the company to meet the increasing customer interest. Ari and the team have made significant technical development to meet the market needs and created product portfolio providing the industry a true solution for fire protection.“

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