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Fire protection of Non-FR composties


Traditionally the fire protection of composites has been a trade off between other features and fire protection. Not any more. Find out why.

Our research around ceramics led to a revolutionary innovation: a new fire protection and hybrid technology offering coating products with a unique combination of properties. RED protects composite substrates from UV light degradition, weather and vandalism. Moreover, RED has an excellent appearance, giving a smooth, glossy finish available in any RAL colour. Especially for composites, the fire protection feature in an outdoor environment is unique.

Ceramification and fire protection

      The groundbreaking fire protection technology is based on ceramifying polymers which exhibit extraordinary performance under fire. The RED coating technology can withstand temperatures up to 1000 °C without losing the structural integrity. Due to ceramification, RED has outstanding fire protection properties; virtually no smoke, prolonged ignition times and minimized heat release rates. When exposed to fire, RED forms a ceramic shield which is stable.


Comparision between standard composite and standard composite with fire protection and composite coated with HybridRED. HybridRED offers both the fire protection and the good composite features.


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