Smooth, pinhole-free surfaces for composites

Finnester Coatings focused on composites during the first years of activity. The aim was to improve the processes of the industry with innovative and better coatings. The most time consuming and ineffective part of the manufacturing process of composites is typically the repeated finishing.

PURE technology was developed to solve this problem. PURE coatings offer a smooth and gloss finish, and consequently, the time spent on finishing decreases dramatically. The coatings cure fast at room temperature also in thin layers. Unlike a gelcoat finish, PURE coatings are tack-free, and UV and Infrared can be used for faster curing.

The coating products based on this technology are based on or fully compatible with unsaturated polyester, which is the most common binder in composites industry. The products do not contain waxes and they have a high styrene resistance.

PURE family of coating products offers solutions for the whole composite production process and specific demands: such as pureFLOW for priming, pureGLAZE for smooth and gloss finish, pureRED for fire protection and pureRUBBER for friction.

PURE – why spend days finishing when a few hours is enough?