Polyurea based coatings with extended pot life

Finnester R&D team got interested in polyurea chemistry, which is a rather new field of chemistry. At that time the use of polyurea was still quite uncommon in Finland.

In 2009, PHERON technology came about. PHERON coatings can be used in many applications in stead of epoxy. PHERON is not an allergenic material and the coated substrate is fast curing for return to service.

Other coatings based on polyurea technology are very reactive and the processing time is only a few seconds. Due to this, expensive specialised tools are needed for processing. The pot life of PHERON coatings is the longest on polyurea market, so extensive investments in equipment are not needed. Furthermore, an excellent quality of coated surface can be achieved.

PHERON family of coatings includes products based on both aromatic and aliphatic technologies, the main properties being abrasion resistance and toughness. The elasticity of the aliphatic coatings can be adjusted according to the application. PHERON coatings provide an excellent UV and weather resistance and the properties persevere any change of temperature, even extremely cold.

PHERON technology is well suited for coating and repairing objects requiring weather resistance. The technology also provides many advantages to sports equipment industry, especially to winter sports, such as hockey sticks and snow boards.

Should it be time to beat the Finnish climate with appropriate products?