Ceramic coatings, a combination of organic and inorganic chemistries

Finnester R&D team had been researching the use of ceramics in polymer chemistry for a while and the findings resulted in a groundbreaking innovation, the HYBRID technology, enabling a compound of ceramic material and organic binders.

HYBRID technology opens up new possibilities to challenging applications since combining various technologies provides a fantastic number of benefits, such as UV and weather fastness, as well as resistance to heat, corrosion, chemicals and dirt, not to forget fast-curing at room temperature and excellent adhesion.

HYBRID coatings also offer a smooth finish, glossy or matt.

HYBRID technology brought along another revolutionary innovation: a fire resistant technology based on ceramifying polymers. Finnester Coatings was the first to develop a decorative coating for the external body shell of passenger rolling stock, compliant with the requirements of the European standard EN45545-2 (EX1A, R7, HL3), but not compromising on any other parameter required of a high quality outdoor coating. HybridRED is unique on a worldwide scale.

HybridGLAZE is an excellent coating material for carbon fiber reinforced composites because of excellent adhesion and a smooth and hard finish. HybridWHITE has a superb dirt and ice resistance, important for machines in different industries and many composites in outdoor use. Further applications of the hybrid technology are being tested on the underwaterpart of the exterior body shell of ships (superb waterproof mar resistance).

Why compromise if there is no need to?