New generation of epoxies

The R&D team at Finnester started to research epoxies because of their versatility. The possibilites for further development of epoxies are endless.

The challenges with epoxies are that they are inherently brittle and they cure poorly at room temperature. The Finnester R&D team managed to develop a new generation epoxy technology eliminating the brittleness without compromising on the mechanical properties, with improved curing behaviour.

DERA technology is applied both in manufacturing epoxy composites and in coatings.

In the composites industry, DERA technology is particularly well suited for production of several sports equipment, such as tennis rackets and baseball bats. With DERA technology, the toughness of the end product can be increased without decreasing the glass transition temperature.

DERA technology offers coatings with impact resistance to avoid surface rippling. DeraFLOW is developed for priming and deraGLAZE gives impact resistance to floors.

DERA – would it be time to switch to new generation epoxies?