Best waterproofness and durability for roofs and terraces

PureRUBBER is a waterproof and elastic coating fully compatible with unsaturated polyester. It forms a very smooth and even surface, and remains elastic even in freezing temperatures. This makes it perfect for coating surfaces outdoors, such as roofs and terraces. The work process is simple because the most common tools and work methods can be applied.

For roofs and terraces, pureRUBBER is the most durable coating product on the market. It gives the coated surface a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. Compared to competition, pureRUBBER also offers the best waterproofness.

PURE technology was originally developed for composites and also pureRUBBER is well suited for different applications in composites industry, especially when friction or waterproofness are needed. PureRUBBER does not contain waxes and it has a high styrene resistance. It is available in all RAL colours.

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