Smooth and hard finish for carbon fibre reinforced composites

HybridGLAZE has excellent adhesion and offers a smooth and hard finish for carbon fibre reinforced composites. HybridGLAZE is a result of a long research of the use of ceramics in polymer chemistry and the findings resulted in a groundbreaking innovation, the HYBRID technology, enabling a compound of ceramic material and organic binders.

HYBRID technology opens up new possibilities to challenging applications since combining various technologies provides a fantastic number of benefits, such as UV and weather fastness, as well as resistance to heat, corrosion, chemicals and dirt, not to forget fast-curing at room temperature and excellent adhesion which makes hybridGLAZE the perfect coating for carbon fibre reinforced composites.

The hardness can be adjusted by changing the amount of inorganic components in the compound. When needed, hybridGLAZE can form an extremely hard surface. It is available both glossy and matt, in all RAL colours or as a clean varnish.

HybridGLAZE is suitable for many other applications as well, e.g. for aluminium surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

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