Priming with impact resistance

DeraFLOW is an epoxy based filler with excellent adhesion and impact resistance to avoid surface rippling. The surface is very smooth and without pinholes, and thus easy to finish.

The challenges with epoxies are that they are inherently brittle and they cure poorly at room temperature. DERA is a new generation epoxy technology eliminating the brittleness without compromising on the mechanical properties, with improved curing behaviour.

DeraFLOW suits perfectly for different applications in heavy industry maintenance, such as priming concrete floors or other concrete troughs, but also for priming ships and boats because of the superior adhesion and impact resistance. Even the most difficult substrates demanding excellent adhesion, e.g. sandblasted iron, can be leveled with deraFLOW.

DeraFLOW is fully compatible with all Finnester coating products, except the PURE family of polyester based coatings.

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