In many industries, such as work machine industry, heat and chemical resistance are important qualities required of a coating product. HybridRED offers these qualities, as well as a superior fire resistance.

There are many applications in heavy industry, where the anti-dirt quality of hybridWHITE can bring considerably improved efficiency into the process, as well as savings to maintenance cost, and prolonged lifecycles.

PheronRUBBER is a very tough and elastic coating, perfect for sealing and repairing joints and ducts in heavy industry. Also deraFLOW brings benefits to different applications in heavy industry maintenance, such as priming concrete floors or other concrete troughs because of the superior adhesion and impact resistance. Even the most difficult substrates demanding excellent adhesion, e.g. sandblasted iron, can be leveled with deraFLOW.

Our coatings offer improved qualities for flooring compared to widely used epoxies. PheronGLAZE has a superior abrasion resistance and keeps the elasticity even in freezing temperatures. It cures for use over night. NeoronGLAZE provides extreme abrasion resistance and friction, but also resistance to heat and chemicals for floors and other surfaces of heavy industry. NeoronGLAZE provides excellent adhesion and can be applied on PVC and different metallic surfaces. Both above mentioned coating products are fully compatible with pheronRUBBER, which can be used as a filler to repair surfaces before coating.