Unbeatable durability for roofs and terraces

For roofs and terraces, pureRUBBER is the most durable coating product on the market. It gives the coated surface a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. Compared to competition, pureRUBBER also offers the best waterproofness. PheronRUBBER is perfect for sealing the roof. It is an extremely elastic, tough and waterproof coating product based on polyurea.

Protection for sandblasted iron and other metals

Even the most difficult substrates demanding excellent adhesion, e.g. sandblasted iron, can be leveled with deraFLOW. It is easy to spread and provides excellent impact resistance. NeoronGLAZE has excellent adhesion to even most difficult metallic substrates and offers superior abrasion resistance and friction.

Protection for bridges and harbours

Structures in contact with water need protection from dirt and ice. HybridWHITE is the perfect coating solution for this purpose. This ceramic coating is waterproof, and has excellent UV and weather resistance.

Efficiency for concrete production

Coating the concrete production equipment with hybridWHITE reduces the need to clean the equipment. Concrete rests do not stick on the ceramic dirt repellent surface coated with hybridWHITE.